Fine Arts Committee

The Fine Arts Committee is a fun and dynamic committee that provides support the the Performing and Visual Arts Programs in the Upper and Middle Schools. We are a 'Super Support Team' for the instructors and students dedicated to excellence in the Arts. We provide a helping hand by supporting the Instructors visions for their events with everything from baking and selling delicious "themed" baked goods during intermission to helping with decorations, organizing Pre-event gatherings, monitoring Middle School students during productions, assisting with costumes and props, helping out backstage, to organizing the costume storage trailer!

Volunteers needed: Approx. 6-10 volunteers are needed per event and there are 6 events during the year. (No special skills are needed - just energy, enthusiasm, and an appreciation for the Arts and artistic people - but baking and sewing skills are a big plus.

Meetings: Most of our planning and organizing can be done online, so we have very few meetings. But there is an occasional need for a casual meeting.

Additionally, we work with school Admission Director to create opportunities for prospective students/families to attend events, especially Spring Musical. Consider providing dinner prior to event for greater celebratory experience.

Help encourage attendance at events, creating opportunities for family gatherings before & after them. Tentative schedule includes: