Grad Night

The Grad Night Committee is responsible for the planning, organizationand management of the Grad Night event. Grad Night is an all-night event which takes place following the Upper School commencement ceremony. Its dual purposes are to provide a safe and secureenvironment in which the graduates may celebrate this key milestone intheir lives and to provide a memorable experience in which the entiregraduating class can share. The Upper School Administration should beinvolved in any major decisions made by this committee.

The Family Association provides the Grad Night Committee with a $1000grant, which represents a fraction of the total cost of the Grad Night event. The remaining funds come from student-participation fees(between $100 and $150 per graduate), various fund-raising activities(Homecoming Raffle, Parking Attendants at the 4th Avenue Street Fair,among others) and contributions from donors (typically, parents, relativesand friends of the upcoming graduates.)

The number of volunteers needed by the Grad Night Committee varies bythe three main phases involved in making the event a reality:

Planning: 4-6 parents, primarily parents of graduates, but with someparents of underclassmen to gain experience. Due to the difficulty oflocating appropriate venues willing to host an overnight event, this phasebegins at the beginning of the fall semester. The main objectives of the planning phase are:

Choose a theme for the Grad Night event that suits the graduating class

Select the major activities for the event, making sure there will besomething to please everyone in the class

Develop a list of possible venues appropriate for the theme and activities Organization: 4-6 parents, generally those from the Planning phase.Depending upon the venue and activities selected, this phase may beginas early as late fall. The main objectives of the organization phase are:

Select and reserve the venue for the night of the Upper School Graduation

Select and reserve all modes of transportation required to get thestudents to/from the venue

Select and reserve entertainment and other activities which requireadvance reservations

Management: 6-8 parents of underclassmen so as to exempt the parentsof the graduates from direct participation in activities during the GradNight event. This phase runs from the beginning of the planning phasethrough the cleanup after the event, itself, though the bulk of the worktakes place close to graduation day. The main objectives of the management phase are:

Provide periodic teasers to the graduates to build enthusiasm for theevent

Communicate with the parents of upcoming graduates about the event,including cost, timetable, travel arrangements, Grad Night traditions.This is typically done at a Senior Parent Get-together, for which theFamily Association provides an additional $100

Ensure parent participation in Grad Night traditions such as event secrecy, “Dancing Dads”, “Mail Box” and student prizes

Ensure that providers of services for the Grad Night event are present at the appropriate times

Conduct the activities of the Grad Night event. This includes ensuringthat graduates are present for pick-up/drop-off, chaperoning of theevent and directing event activities (entertainment and food)