Eric Medine ‘90

Eric Medine (‘90) is a San Francisco area artist working in multimedia and video art. He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996 and his Masters degree at the the Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California in 2006. While in Chicago he ran Drivethru Studios, a not-for-profit art gallery a dedicated to emerging artists working in painting, video, and sculpture. He has shown work in galleries and museums such as the Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, the SuperSonic Exhibition at the Barnsdall Art Park in Los Angeles, Walled Cities Gallery in San Pedro, Andrew Shire Gallery in Los Angeles, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, xm:lab in Germany, the LPM festival in Rome and Mexico City, the KuunsterHaus in Saarbrucken, and the KunstVlaai Exhibition in Amsterdam. He has given numerous lectures, workshops, and presentations on topics such as curating electronic art, hacking video game hardware, and software programming for live video exhibitions. Most recently he gave a lecture at the LPM festival in Rome, Italy, on the subject of YouTube hacking for live video mixing, at FAB LAB in San Diego on the subject of programming Processing applications for Android mobile devices, and at MOCA in Los Angeles on hacking video game controllers for video installation applications. He is also the founder and CEO of and director of TenTon Raygun (, a multimedia design company specializing in flash video loops for video mixing software such as Resolume. In 2014 he started VisualTouchTherapy, a video game platform dedicated to the gamification of physical therapy for stroke survivors. You can learn more about that here: He is also a fearless zombie killer.

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