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Exciting news!
The TGS library catalog and circulation system has been updated! The new system, Destiny by Follett, replaces Sagebrush Infocenter, an outdated database and check-out system that served the library well for ten years, but was on its last legs. 
Destiny (the new system) has a user-friendly colorful catalog with several unique features, including book cover displays for easy identification and a genre search to help students find the perfect book. 
A dedicated computer terminal has been installed in the library for students to locate materials, but the catalog can be accessed from anywhere by logging into the TGS library website and selecting “Library Catalog”. Not only will the new catalog enhance the library patron experience, but it will also accurately maintain and protect the entire collection. 
We are very fortunate to have a library that houses over 14,000 volumes in a multi-use space of over 600 square feet. As the library continues to serve the needs of the Gregory School community, Destiny will provide the flexibility and accessibility to support the functions of our busy learning environment.  


The Gregory School Beth Cain
Beth Cain received a Bachelor’s of Music Education from the University of Texas and earned her Master’s Degree in Humanities from the University of North Texas. She has taught in both public and private schools, colleges and universities throughout her career. This year Beth is teaching 7th grade English and serving as the school librarian. When not at The Gregory School, Beth enjoys hiking, running and visiting with her family.

Working at The Gregory School has been an intensely rewarding experience because of the unique commitment that the school family has to helping students fulfill their passions and discover new interests. Collaboration, kindness and diversity are valued. I am daily impressed with the dedication to excellence and the exceptional learning environment that I witness at TGS.

Beth Cain

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