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Wright Flight

As part of their Friday Explorations, nine seventh-grade Gregory School students recently completed the Wright Flight program. Wright Flight is a non-profit organization that teaches students about the history of aviation while motivating them to set goals, such as community service or improved grades. Through a series of videos and activities, students explored topics from the Wright brothers’ first successful flight on December 17, 1903 to accomplishments in space aviation.

Dr. Kerry Adams (faculty member, current parent, alumna, and former Board of Trustees member) first encountered Wright Flight when her son participated at a public elementary school in Tucson. After she joined The Gregory School as Upper School history faculty, she asked if school leadership would be interested in incorporating the Wright Flight Aviation History curriculum. Our Friday Exploration provided the perfect solution to scheduling this special program into our students' opportunities for enrichment.

The program culminated on February 15 with a trip to Tucson International Airport, where students flew in small aircraft with trained volunteer pilots! Students experienced taking control of the plane, 2 g-forces of acceleration during certain maneuvers, and also felt weightlessness. Everyone had a fantastic time and we all learned so much about aviation! We are excited to offer the Wright Flight program to our students again next year.

  • Mickey Celentano, Instructor for Mathematics and Wright Flight 

The aviation experience continued when Mrs. Mary Laughbaum, TGS Director of Admissions and Community Outreach, and her husband, Col. Kent Laughbaum, added Wright Flight participants and their families, along with Mrs. Lori Patton, Assistant Head of School, and Ms. Mickey Celentano, instructor for Mathematics and Wright Flight, as their guests for Heritage Flight 2019. 

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Heritage Flight is an annual evaluation and certification event at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base that brings together privately-owned aircraft from World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars to fly in formation as part of their training with current Air Force demonstration teams. The event is not open to the public, but is designed to certify pilots prior to the air show season. Col. Laughbaum, former 355th Fighter Wing Commander at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, shared stories of Tucson’s aviation history, as well as information about the various aircraft participating in Heritage Flight.




The Gregory School Mickey Celentano
Mickey Celentano received her B.S. at Creighton University. She was appointed to the Mathematics faculty in 2016.

Teaching at The Gregory School lets me focus on what is best for students every day. Working with students in small classes offers me the opportunity to get to know each individual in order to meet their learning needs.I also have the opportunity to work with students outside of the classroom through explorations of community involvement. I feel like we are preparing students to be positive global citizens.

Mickey Celentano

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