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A Tradition of Excellence, as Evidenced Through TGS Faculty

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Dear TGS Families:

This week’s message focuses on the heart of what we aim to do each and every day at The Gregory School: create outstanding learning environments for your child, both in and out of what we collectively may view as the “traditional” classroom setting.

To do so, one must start with talented teachers. Research has pointed to the expertise of the classroom teacher as being the single most important factor to impact a child’s learning. The Gregory School faculty is second to none in the city of Tucson. Collectively, we have over 800 years of professional experience and 71% of faculty hold graduate degrees (four with doctorates).

Mark Twain famously stated, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”  At The Gregory School, we are working hard to challenge the structures that can lead to that sentiment. Throughout history, humans have learned by doing. It was only during the 20th century that learning shifted from an experiential and engaged process to one of passivity. Faculty at The Gregory School have embedded the 6 C’s (communication, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, community and compassion) into their academic learning experiences. Friday Explorations provide fertile soil for faculty-student collaboration and re-designed learning spaces and projects. Such delivery systems, in addition to school-wide community service expectations and collaborative interim week themes, enhance our students’ abilities not only to identify answers, but to identify important questions.

Faculty are the key ingredient to this work. In this week’s newsletter, you can read about a teacher applying all of the 6 C’s at once to guide her students in solving a real problem, and examples of our faculty expanding their own professional knowledge base through summer learning opportunities and professional development. Teacher summer learning opportunities are made possible through our E.E. Ford Teacher Professional Development Endowment.  The fund is generously expanded every year through senior class family gifts; gifts provided as a thank you to the professionals who have touched the lives of students in countless ways during a child’s tenure at TGS.

I hope that you enjoy reading about a few of these amazing individuals. We are indeed lucky to count them as members of this special learning community and look forward to sharing more stories about other talented faculty members in the very near future.

With appreciation,

Julie A. Sherrill, Ph.D.
Head of School

Dr. Julie Sherrill has spent over 20 years in educational leadership. Her academic credentials include an M.S. in Education Administration and a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in Curriculum Development and Teacher Professional Development.

The Gregory School is a place that is transforming learning and transforming students' lives. Gregory students lead institutions; they found movements; they invent technology; they run cities. Students leave TGS with a sense of agency; they believe they can change the world for the better and it is our aim to ensure we give them the knowledge, skills, experiences and confidence to do so.

Dr. Julie Sherrill

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