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We accomplish our mission through a well-planned network of opportunities for our students.

Our students are at the center of everything we do.

We believe the mission of The Gregory School provides the foundation for why our school is special. The mission encompasses character, scholarship, leadership, and innovation, and thus demands a varied and comprehensive program for grades 5-12.

While academics are at the heart of our appropriately challenging and rigorous curriculum, each piece of The Gregory School program is tied to several of these four pillars, leading to the school’s desired emphasis on the whole child. 

6Cs - Our Guiding Principles

Our Program

Each of seven departments (English, social sciences, mathematics, sciences, languages, arts, and physical education) has designed a curriculum sequence for grades five through twelve, with a goal of maximizing the potential of every student and fostering academic and personal success, both now and for the future. Toward that same end, a leadership curriculum is integrated into The Gregory School program, creating robust experiences for students in every grade.

Our faculty, coaches, counselors, and librarians incorporate the guiding principles of the 6 Cs (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, compassion, communication, and community) throughout a student’s time here, providing an educational experience of the whole child that is both global and closely personalized.

TGS students graduate with a sense of agency: They believe they can change the world for the better and it is our aim to ensure that we give them the knowledge, skills, experiences and confidence to do so.

Academic Student Schedule

Our typical school day runs from 8:35 am to 3:35 pm, and Friday Exploration days start at 9:20, because research shows that preteens and teens have greater academic success with later school start times.  For students choosing to participate on an athletic team, Middle School practices and competitions happen right after school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Upper School athletics teams typically practice daily after school. Some Middle and Upper School clubs and groups also meet after school. A fee-based before- and after-school program is also available.

Classes in grades six through twelve are scheduled in blocks: Each class meets on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays for 75 minutes, allowing for deeper learning and more meaningful time for projects, as well as collaboration between classes. Upper and Middle School schedules are identical so that capable Middle School students may take appropriate Upper School courses, thus individualizing their schedules based on both interest and aptitude. While fifth grade is primarily self-contained, the fifth grade schedule mirrors the block schedule, allowing fifth graders to attend mathematics and language classes at their appropriate levels.

Fridays at The Gregory School are “Exploration” days, in which students sign up for courses that allow them to explore a subject more deeply or in a new direction, augment their learning, or try something entirely new. Friday Explorations might be used for designing a model in the Fab Lab as part of a project for a history class, attending a language or mathematics lab, creating a group mural, and visiting a senior center to help senior citizens learn to use technology.

Learn more about Friday Explorations in this student- created video by Axel Schulz '24.

Academic Curriculum Guides

Fifth Grade

At The Gregory School we believe in educating the whole child.

Learning is exciting in The Gregory School fifth grade! Our two dedicated fifth-grade teachers make learning come alive and create a classroom culture that promotes a sense of community, academic risk-taking, and perseverance. Students have the opportunity to create and explore through project-based learning and a STEM-enriched environment. While our fifth grade is primarily self-contained, students are placed individually in mathematics and language classes at the appropriate level for them, and fifth grade is included as part of the Middle School for school-wide or Middle School special events.

Middle School

We accomplish our mission through a well-planned network of opportunities for success for our students.

Middle school is one of the most important periods in a young person's life. Our Middle School consists of grades six, seven, and eight and offers a unique and exciting program that values academic achievement, cooperation, and good citizenship. Our academic program challenges students to become significantly more knowledgeable, skillful, organized, and articulate. Beginning in 6th grade, students are placed in an advisory group, which focuses on building community, further developing organizational skills, and supporting academic readiness. 

Upper School

So much more can be accomplished in a class of 15 students – the average at The Gregory School – than in a larger classes.

As students move into high school, they are given more flexibility to customize their own schedule to their interests and aptitudes. Upper School graduation requirements exist in each of the seven departments, and all academic classes are taught at the honors level or are Advanced Placement courses. Junior and senior English classes are taught as semester-long college-style seminars. Some courses may be available as dual enrollment for college credit. Seniors must complete a 60-hour internship in a field of their choosing.

The Gregory School recognizes that a student’s ability to succeed in school is directly tied to the academic support provided. Our mission is accomplished through a well-planned network of opportunities for success of our students, led by passionate and caring teachers and mentors. We are able to provide this extraordinary educational experience because we embrace the structure and philosophy of an independent non-profit school.

Academic Programs and Support Services

Academic Enrichment & Teacher Availability

Scheduled at end of each Day 1 and Day 2, Academic Enrichment provides students the opportunities to meet with teachers and get additional help if needed, speak with their advisor, attend grade-level meetings, work on individual and group assignments, and participate in special programming such as guest speakers and wellness activities. In addition, teachers make themselves available to help students before and after school, during free blocks, and during lunch periods. Teachers know every student and every student’s individual progress in their class.

Advisory Program

Small groups of students meet weekly with a faculty advisor to build relationships, work on academic and planning challenges, do projects and community service activities, have fun, and give each other encouragement.

Personalized College Counseling

Our students find their voice and their passions at The Gregory School, and we prepare them to face the challenges of life beyond our campus. Nearly all of our students go directly to college after graduation and our graduating classes secure millions of dollars in scholarships each year. We guide our students and their families to find the programs that are the right fit for them.

Student Counseling

Our school counselors offer a variety of personal and confidential services to help support student social and emotional needs. We value and respect the privacy and diversity of each campus community member and endeavor to help students feel confident in making informed decisions that will enhance the quality of their lives. Our counselors are on campus throughout the school day and have a friendly and relaxing counseling center where students can drop in or make an appointment.

The Writing Center

Modeled after those found on many college campuses, The Gregory School Writing Center is a dedicated peer-tutoring service space that assists students in all phases of the writing process. Our student editors apply and interview for their positions and are highly trained and closely supervised by a dedicated faculty member.

Library & Technology

With over 14,000 books, our library is a 4,000 sq ft reader's paradise, offering a comfortable space for study, reading, and group meetings. The library also serves as our technology hub, with IT support available for all students and faculty. Our faculty have extensive training and over a decade of experience in integrating laptops into every classroom, and we consider technology to be one of the essential components in preparing our students for higher education and for life.