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Campus Counseling Services has a full service office located on the West side of the campus, near the Library.

The Gregory School

Student Counseling

Our school counselor offers a variety of personal and confidential services to help support student social and emotional needs. We value and respect the privacy and diversity of each campus community member and endeavor to help students feel confident in making informed decisions that will enhance the quality of their lives.

Our counselor is on campus throughout the school day and has a friendly and relaxing counseling center where students can drop in or make an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is student counseling?

We are here to help students identify and accomplish their academic and career goals, enhance personal development, meet life's challenges, and improve interpersonal relationships.

What happens during an appointment?

School counselors know how to listen and help. They'll take your problem seriously and work with you to find a good solution. School counselors are trained to help with everything — and it doesn't have to be just school stuff. A counselor can help you deal with the sadness when someone has died, as well as advise you on taking the right classes to get into your dream college.

Who uses the student counseling office?

You don't need to know exactly what's bothering you when you talk with the school counselor. It's perfectly OK just to make an appointment because you're feeling bad or not doing as well in school as you'd like. It's the school counselor's job to help people figure out what's going on. In fact, it's often better to see your counselor as soon as you know something's up, even if you don't know what the trouble is. Chances are you'll be able to solve a problem faster when you have the skill and resources of the counselor behind you.

How do I make an appointment?

You can email Ms. Hazan or Mr. Ostroff directly from your school account, schedule an appointment using the form below, make an appointment in person by stopping into the counseling office (Room 7), or ask your advisor to make an appointment for you.

"I love that The Gregory School allows students to share their passions with one another and develop new interests."

Counseling Resources

The Gregory School counseling services

Coping strategies
  • Check in with your child.  How are they feeling? What fears or anxieties are they experiencing? It is important to validate how they are feeling.
  • Focus on the present and what they can control.
  • Encourage healthy habits such as healthy eating, exercise, routines, unplugging from electronics, and adequate sleep.
  • Mindfulness and relaxation - Get outside for fresh air, belly breathing, and grounding techniques.
  • Headspace, Sanvello, Calm are a few examples of mindfulness apps
  • Stay connected with a support system, including family, friends, and professionals.
  • Remind children that this is only temporary.
  • Take time to show gratitude and find positives from each day.
What steps should I take if my child is in crisis?
  • Call 911
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
  • Banner Crisis Response Center - (520) 301-2400
    • 24/7 access to mental health and substance use services.
    • Walk-in clinic with observationPsychiatric Evaluation
    • Medication Management
    • Individual, Family, and Group Crisis Counseling
    • Connection to outpatient and outside counseling services
  • Contact pediatrician or therapist
  • Supervise your child closely.
Tucson-area professionals
who work with adolescents and teens:

You also can email your questions or make appointments. We do our best to reply to your email queries within 48 hours during our regular weekday business hours. If you need immediate assistance, call or visit our counseling office.

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